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Play Prized Chess Tournaments Online

The Chess Forum is providing a fun way to improve their chess game with playing prized chess tournaments online with minimum entry fee of 1$. The purpose of this site is to organize competitive chess tournaments online with prize money.

A website for organizing online chess tournaments with accepting entry fees and sending prize money to tournament winners with PayPal and Woocomerce.


Play And Organize Online Prized Chess Tournaments

Online Chess Tournaments Made Easy

Organize and participate in exciting online chess tournaments with ease.

Organize chess tournaments for friends, clubs, family members, and for tributes.

Hassle-free Tournament Organization.

With our platform, you can easily create and manage your tournaments online. No more dealing with the headache of manual registration or payment collection and prize distribution. We will do it all with our secure system within a few clicks.

Secure Online Payment System

Our integrated payment system allows for easy collection of entry fees and distribution of prize money via PayPal and Woocommerce.

“A strong memory, concentration, imagination, and a strong will

is required to become a great Chess player”

Bobby Fischer

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Weekly Prized Online Chess Tournament with Rating Range

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Become a Partner and Earn

If you’re passionate about chess and looking to monetize your love for the game, consider becoming an affiliate with The Chess Forum. The Chess Forum is a renowned online platform that brings together chess enthusiasts from around the world. By ...

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